Tagging and comments

So there’s been a MASSIVE increase in tagging of flat photos in the last week or so, I’m sure Varsity is in semester at the moment, perhaps the first round of assignments aren’t due yet … whatever the reason, it’s great to see people engaging with the Dunedin Student Flat Names FB group, and not just tagging, but writing comments and engaging in conversations too. It’s great 😀

From an ‘info’ and research perspective I’d love to see some stats on membership uptake, I’m thinking some kind of indicative linear graph showing rate of membership against date or something like that. I’m interested to get an idea of what factors influence, or generates membership – is it it the cascading effect of person X joins, so their mates Y and Z also join, or is it due to external factors like time of the year (eg holiday period) or the influence of an event or items in the news?

If anyone knows how to track this sort of stuff I’d love to know.

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