Hundreds of flats in Dunedin have been named since the 1930s. On the 12th March 2009 I created this map which identifies the majority of named flats I am aware of and for which I have name and address details. It continues to be updated regularly.

The description of the item will include the name(s) of the flat, for example: 48 Howe Street was named Emanuera in the 1970s, but more recently has been known as The Haunted House.

Using the flats map

Open the large map view [ ] to see a list of flats by address and name. You can also use the search function within the map to find a name or address. Clicking on a house icon will take you to an option to view a link to Facebook, Flickr or appropriate page on this website if there is further information about the flat. Of course, you’re welcome to share your story!

There are a many flats not on the map because of missing address details – please check the list and help fill in the blanks!


  1. Jim Talbot

    More named flats:
    “Toad Hall” 22 Pitt Street, was a flat used by a succession of medical students from Selwyn college in the mid 60s and early 70s.
    Named for the large weeping willow tree in the front garden. The tree is now gone and the flat is now a private house.

    Around the corner in 62 (I think) Heriot Row was a rival medical student flat called “Charcot’s Joint”. Named after the degenerative joint disease. The old house is now gone.

    • flatnames

      Hi Jim, did you live in either of these flats? I’ve heard of Toad Hall from several people, but not a lot of detail. Do you remeber an other med flat from the 1960s Smerch HQ?

  2. David Ward

    I remember flatting in 1967 in a flat called SMERSH – 679 Cumberland I think. The name came from the James Bond novels. There were 5 of us (usually). 3 physedders, one surveying, one teacher training .

    • flatnames

      Hi David, GREAT to hear from you, and thanks for the address details, I didn’t know the number. I was in touch with one of the original flatmates back in 2009(?), a surgeon who is based in AK. Were you a PhysEd student? You can see a photo of them outside the flat, beside the named letterbox in the slides from a presentation I did about the project last year. Do you have any particular memories of living there and what it meant to live in a named flat?

  3. Jim Talbot

    Hi Sarah
    Yes, I lived in Toad Hall from 1967 to 1970. We were mainly med students ex Selwyn. I have some some more info with pictures and scans you may like for your project. Is there an email address I can use to send these as attachments?

    • flatnames

      Hi Jim, That would be fantastic, thank you. I’ve heard of Toad Hall from others I’ve spoken with who lived in flats in the 1960s (Smersh HQ, House at Pooh Corner, Brewers Elbow, Ipnanema, Che Choux) though you’re the first person I’ve come across who had lived there. Please feel free to email any details you’d like to share to
      Many thanks,


    I can remember going to a few wicked Med parties….one had the toilet painted dark blue…

  5. Martin Whangapirita

    808 Cumberland St. The Rock Bottom. Named in 2000 in honour of the wrestler The Rock. Also fit the general description and upkeep of the place. I think I remember someone walking by once who took a picture of us playing Playstation in my room saying it was for a project. Great flat with some great lads

  6. Wendy Cameron

    Why is number 48 called the “Haunted House” – my grandparents lived there in the 1930’s.

    • flatnames

      Hi Wendy, belated thanks for your comment. I don’t know for sure why this was named the haunted house. A photo was submitted to the Facebook group some years ago which some people thought at a spectral image in it in the upstairs window on the Dundas Street side of the house. A comment submitted last year said, “The house has been known as the haunted house for many years. It is a two storey house with a corner turret and a first floor balcony. It would have been built in the early 1900’s We have owned it for many years and try to keep the flat in great condition.” Did you grandparents own the house in the 1930s?

      • Lauren

        Hi Flatnames,

        I lived in Haunted House in 2010 – we painted the sign that now (well was still there when we graduated in 2014) resides on the house!

      • flatnames

        Hey Lauren thanks for letting us know. Was it already known as the Haunted House when you moved in? Did you experience any paranormal activity there?

  7. rusticalambou

    63 Clyde Street was named The Cave. It is currently used as a Uni building and The Cave (6 bedrooms downstairs) is now boarded up. Lived there in 1988 and 1989. It was called The Cave because of the wall that was underground was covered in rocks.

    • flatnames

      Hi Rustica
      A belated thanks for your comment – there are a few houses along Clyde that have basements – often they’ve been converted into ‘pubs’. Did your flat have a sign?

  8. John

    47 Duke St known as “Speights house” or “Speights Flat” after the house of pain bar sign out front taken from the remains of Carisbrook

    • flatnames

      Thanks for the information. Can you tell me a bit more about the name – was it a Tolkien reference? What year were you living there and what was the sign like.

    • flatnames

      Thanks John, did you live at Smersh HQ or were you at Medical School with the residents? I didn’t know NZ Post found out about the non-identity of Harold Quentin Smersh 😉

  9. Sha

    12 Albany street, known as ‘the Palace’ in 1999 and 2000 at least. I think due to the ballroom…. though equally likely an ironic take on a house that was unlikely to pass any structural building inspection.

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