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Gripping book title required, can you help?


Dunedin Flats research receives funding from MCH

I’m very fortunate to have been accepted, along with 9 others, as a recipient of the 2011 New Zealand History Research Trust Fund from Ministry of Culture and Heritage. This is going to be enormously helpful in finishing the research for the book, and in particular, fund the purchase of images to illustrate it.

My greatful thanks to the Ministry for this opportunity.

Dunedin Flats research receives funding from MCH

Last call for stories – flat names, the book

Last night I put out a last call for stories and photos that can be contributed to the book I’m writing about Dunedin’s named student flats.

There’s been a bit of a rush on photo tagging which is always good to see, and for me, it means I have a way of getting in touch with people who knew these flats and may have a tale to tell.

The flats tagged in the last 24 hours are: Pink Flat the Door, The Debacle, The Bach, The Cahnaging Rooms, The Dog Box, and Moe’s. Check out the photos on the Facebook Group!/group.php?gid=7181752690.

Good luck to those sitting exams – go well!

Field trip

I’m going to be in Dunedin next week sifting around taking photos of flats and doing some research for the book. If you’re around and in a named flat, it’s be very cool to get a pick of you outside your digs. If you’re interested, message me on Facebook or Otherwise I might just see you in the ghetto.