PeeWee's Playhouse (2014)

PeeWee’s Playhouse (2014)

Mentions of the project in the media and other publications:

MacManus, Joel. Twelve hours on Hyde Street: Gonzo journalism from within the Hyde Street party, Critic, Issue 7, 10 April 2017.

MacManus, Joel. Party hard: 12 hours of drunken excess at Dunedin’s Hyde Street Party, The Spinoff, April 8, 2017.

Goosselink, Dave. Naming student flats still reigns strong in Dunedin. Newshub, 14 September 2016, 10.30pm.

Injuries after balcony collapse in Dunedin. NZ Herald, 4 March 2016

Channel 39. Scarfie Flats inspire book, 4 February 2016

McNeilly, Hamish. Flat names 101. Sunday Star Times. 13 December 2015

McNeilly, Hamish. Sign of the times in Sacrfieville. Stuff. 13 December 2015

Chisholm, Elinor. What Dunedin Students and Buenos Aires Tenement Dwellers Have in Common. One Two Three Home. 28 October 2014.

University of Otago Alumni News. The Dunedin Flat Names Project, 11 March 2014

Interview with Jeff Harford on the OARsome Morning Show, Otago Access Radio, 12 March 2014.

Clarke, Ali. Naming Flats in University of Otago 1869-2019 ~ writing a history, 10 March 2014

Chilton-Towle, Jonathan. Discovering stories behind flat names, The Star, 27 February 2014, p.7. [Republished by World News, 1 March 2014

University of Otago Alumni and Friends. University Flat-naming tradition. eConnect.

Hesselgrave, Lena. More than a bit of a laugh in Home, The Wireless, 23 December 2013.

Tansley, R. Whatever happened to student flat names, Otago Magazine, 24 October 2009, p.50.

Interview with Kathryn Ryan, Nine to Noon, Radio NZ,24 September 2009.

Find the Avocado Salad flat in Dunedin in The Community Archive. Scooper on Libraries, 23 June 2009.

Otago flats to move from Facebook & Flickr to book, Home Paddock, 3 May 2009

Menkes, E. Undying fame of student flats. Otago Daily Times, 2 May 2009.


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