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The Burrow on Great King Street

The latest in a series of Harry Potter themed flats, The Burrow is on the site of the longest lived iteration of Shrieking Shack.

The name board is painted sky blue with Potter inspired “lightning bolt” font, and is bedecked with a snitch and broomstick.

“It’s not much, but it’s home” is how Ron Weasley described his home to Harry when he first visited in The Chamber of Secrets.

The Burrow


Chamber of Secrets on Frederick Street

The Chamber of Secrets (2007) from 150 Frederick Street was created by a group of five Potter fans, the sign depicting the Hogwarts crest was painted by Will.

The Chamber of Secrets

The flat won the Te Roopu Maori “Best Name or Sign” in OUSA’s 2007 House & Garden awards. The judges thought the sign on this flat was “Fucking awesome!” and the flatmates were awarded with a trophy for best flat name and a $100 grocery voucher.[1] When the tenants of 2008 didn’t want the sign, the Chamber Boys took it with them to their subsequent flat.  When I met up with them the sign was hanging on their lounge room wall.


[1] Judges comments provided by OUSA.