Bananas Hyde Out

Bananas Hyde Out (2013)

What began as a collection of photos of signs has turned into an examination of an element of student culture, a chunk of Dunedin’s visual social history.

I’m working on a book to record, preserve and commemorate the sometimes ephemeral, sometimes enduring, phenomenon of the named student flat in Dunedin and I’m grateful to be the recipient of a New Zealand History Research Trust award which is being used to help fund the research required for writing a book about the Dunedin Flat Names Project.

Every flat name has a story, you can be part of the project by sharing your story, or help fill in missing details. I’m interested to hear about:

  • the names of flats
  • how they got their name
  • if there were signs, what they were made of
  • who lived in the flat and what subjects did you study
  • when you lived in the flat
  • what were the important issues at the time you were studying

You’re welcome to email me at flatnames[at], or fill in the Your Story form where you share your story and submit photos.


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