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Chatting about named flats at Dunedin Writers & Readers Festival

Councillor Aaron Hawkins will be asking Sarah and Ian some probing questions about flats they have known as well as some of the deeper issues that have cropped up in researching Scarfie Flats of Dunedin.

This is a free event at the Dunedin Writers and Readers Festival, so come along to Hanover Hall for 1-2pm on Saturday 11 May. University Bookshop will be there for book sales.

Here we all are at the book launch at the Staff Club on 21 February – thanks to Steve Gallagher for the photo!

Upcoming event at Dunedin Writers & Readers Festival

We’re so fortunate in Dunedin to have a stunning literary culture, which is celebrated through our status as a UNESCO City of Literature, and celebrations like the Dunedin Writers & Readers Festival.

On Saturday 11 May, 1-2pm, Ian Chapman and I will be discussing Scarfie Flats of Dunedin with the wonderful Aaron Hawkins who wrote a stunning chapter in the book.

Scarfie Flats is a free event.

Community voice : society through the ages

On Wednesday 24 October I’ll be part of a panel presenting and discussing this topic. My talk will be looking at the community of named student flats in Dunedin.

If you’d like a taster, here’s a selection of images I’ll be showing as part of the presentation which is entitled: a unique community in the north end of Dunedin: 80 years in 10 minutes.

If you’re interested in attending – please check out the link below and register.

Community voice : society through the ages

Dunedin Festival Fringe 2010 presents Pecha Kucha Dunedin #5

Dunedin Public Art Gallery, March 21, 7.30pm $8/$5

We have a stimulating line-up of presenters for this Festival event.

The performance artists Fullfuckingmoon promise a tag team presentation (possibly a world first)

David Eggleton promises to tell you ‘How to write a poem’.

We have curator Amanda Symons on Maori Rock Art and Sarah Gallagher on a different sort of rock art, the sort that adorns student flats.

We have several Fringe performers: Christy Flaws from the circus duo Bubblewrap and Boxes and the amazing Joe Worley who will be crossing the Leith on his hybrid exercise machine ‘The Beam-Crawler’ .

Art historian Erika Wolf promises to be scatalogical and Captain Cornflakes will tell us about contrasts in Japan.

Also presenting the artists Ali Bramwell …. Jay Hutchinson …Cathy Helps…..

There will be a bar serving wine beer and fine orange juice. There will be sushi.

Will there be U?

For further details contact Richard Dingwall (PK coordinator) rding(at) 0276943641

Flatnames are going to the Fringe!

The sixth Pecha Kucha evening in Dunedin is taking place at Dunedin Public Art Gallery on Sunday March 21st as part of the wider Dunedin Fringe Festival. EXCITING! How am I feeling about presenting? I’m PACKING myself – but excited 😀

Tickets to all events are limited, so GET ORGANSIED and book. Pecha Kucha is a sweet $8. Good value when you get to see 12 people talk about stuff they dig, stuff that you might like too.

Flatnames are going to the Fringe!

My Flat Your Flat Our Place – opens today

My Flat Your Flat Our Place presents a selection of photographs of named student flats in the North Dunedin area, taken over the last ten years. The exhibition highlights this ephemeral and unique aspect of print culture in Dunedin. It also makes a connection between the naming of flats by students as an expression of identity, and the creation of a sense of place.

Visit the exhibtion: 10-14 August, The Link (between the Union building and Library on Cumberland St opp. the Museum), University of Otago.

Be part of the project:

I’m writing a book about the named flats – here’s how you can be involved:

  • If you’re visiting the exhibition, a write a comment and your email address on one of the supplied postcards and pop it in the exhibition letterbox
  • Join the Facebook group (below) and add your own photos and stories
  • Email me at

For further information check out:

Many grateful thanks to the following people for sponsoring this exhibition:

Cheers, Sarah Gallagher

2 people, 3 hrs, 6 text blocks, 32 photos & 152 valcro dots

Exhibtion at OUSA art Week 2009

Exhibtion at OUSA art Week 2009

The exhibition is up and I’m really really very chuffed with how it looks. The site is bang on and it is looking the business. Enormous gratitude to my dear friend Victoria McIntosh for her exhibition mounting expertise. Check her work out at Lure on Lower Stuart St, Dunedin. Big thanks to Gordon for helping install the letter box.

Exhibtion at OUSA art Week 2009

There was quite a lot of interest from passers by as we gradually put the exhibition up, it was fantastic to stop and have a chat with students to talk about the project.

The official opening is 5pm tomorrow night in The Link, University of Otago.

BTW : 754 members of the FB group today. It’ll be interesting to see if numbers increase at all over exhibition week.

My Place Your Place Our Flat goes up today, opens tomorrow!

One of several exhibitions that will be part of OUSA Art Week, “My Flat. Your Flat. Our Place” is all about named student flats in North Dunedin and the relationship between students, houses,identity and creating a sense of place.If you’ve lived in a named flat in Nth Dunedin, I’d love to hear about it!

My Place Your Place Our Flat goes up today, opens tomorrow!