My Flat Your Flat Our Place – opens today

My Flat Your Flat Our Place presents a selection of photographs of named student flats in the North Dunedin area, taken over the last ten years. The exhibition highlights this ephemeral and unique aspect of print culture in Dunedin. It also makes a connection between the naming of flats by students as an expression of identity, and the creation of a sense of place.

Visit the exhibtion: 10-14 August, The Link (between the Union building and Library on Cumberland St opp. the Museum), University of Otago.

Be part of the project:

I’m writing a book about the named flats – here’s how you can be involved:

  • If you’re visiting the exhibition, a write a comment and your email address on one of the supplied postcards and pop it in the exhibition letterbox
  • Join the Facebook group (below) and add your own photos and stories
  • Email me at

For further information check out:

Many grateful thanks to the following people for sponsoring this exhibition:

Cheers, Sarah Gallagher

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