Land of Pleasure on Dundas Street

This vibrant sign comprised of magenta boards and yellow 3D letters is an homage to the residents’ favourite band, Sticky Fingers, and their album, Land of Pleasure. The sign itself references the colour palette and font used on the album cover, the lettering was created with ply and cut using a bandsaw.

The residents of the flat meet in Hayward Hall last year, all loved the band and were very excited to see them play at O’ Week 2015. This is their first year flatting and their mutual appreciation of the Sticky Fingers has meant they are now committed to living in the “land of pleasure” on Dundas Street!

“That is why we decided to capitulate just how much Sticky Fingers has meant to us and bring it with us as we moved into our first year flatting. Sticky Fingers are living gods and as “Land of Pleasure” is the most glorious album in existence that is what we titled our flat.” Sydney Coffee (17.2.16)

Listen to Land of Pleasure on Soundcloud.

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