1. Richard W

    Hmm, the pitiful amount of effort in putting up this ‘name’ and the non-permanence of it make me wonder whether this should even be considered a flat name. ‘Rooms available’ is far more prominent and permanent 🙂

    • flatnames

      Thanks for you comments Richard. This is one of the many tensions I have with this project – deciding what constitutes a sign! It’s not always an easy decision and it’s made more difficult when the name and meaning is not immediately obvious to me. The meaning lies with those who created it and are living in the flat, for me it’s a mystery to unpick! The ephemerality of the material or the longevity of the sign are not important in the grand scheme of things, it’s part of the nature of this practice – though I’m always delighted when signs stay, or when they disappear and reemerge.

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