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The 24/7 on Castle Street



Adventure Time on Castle Street

A beautifully executed sign that complements the Adventure Time mural on the back fence. The mural has been in situ for a couple of years.


The Fridge and The Fridgette on Castle Street

Well they do look a bit like fridges with their grey monolithic facades. The Fridge is allegedly a male resident flat and the Fridgette a female resident flat. The Fridge features in the 2008 documentary, Old, Cost and Costly, when the tenants at the time were having issues with the state of the house.

Zeta on Castle Street #flatnames

Theatrical release poster. Source: Wikipedia

Zeta came into being this year, the name was inspired by a sorority house “Zeta Alpha Zeta” in the movie, The House Bunny, from 2008. The film is a firm favourite of the Zeta flatties, who have painted a house sign to replicate that from the movie.

This isn’t the first time 241 Castle Street has carried a flat sign. Earlier this century, for a short time, it was known as The Cardboard Box and it carried a rather splendid stenciled sign.