Dunedin flat names survey results

I’ve just emailed the FB group with a brief summary of the results from the recent straw-poll survey. There were 168 response to the survey. The total number of those who could have taken part is not known as the link to the survey was posted in a couple of places. At the time of the survey the FB group had approximately 580 members. There are now 621. This summary only reports the quantitative results.

72% had lived in a named flat.
42% had named a flat.

Why do people name flats?
76% It’s a bit of fun.
46% It says something about the people who live there.
57% It’s a tradition.
22% It enhances the status of the people in the flat.
26% It’s important to some student subcultures.
74% It’s part of the overall Dunedin ‘scarfie’ culture.
54% It creates an identity for the people who live in that flat.
84% think it’s important some kind of record is kept of flat names.

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