1. Trevor Adams

    It was called Skid Row and I lived there for two years..Others flatting there,Erich Geiringr,Gary McBrearty,Graeme Robbie,John Flannery. In my first year there we had a heap of Dental schoolers,Nick Day,Terry Heffernan,Graeme Mclwee…come to mind.
    Many many itinerants. I bought a pile of 6×4 inch carpet samples and carpeted the floor of my room-there were more tacks than carpet on the floor!

    • flatnames

      Ingenious use of the carpet samples!
      Thanks for confirming the name (it became The Spanish Slum in the 1970s), do you know if Skid Row had a sign? I heard from someone else that it was still known as Skid Row in the 1960s when it was a lot of studio apartments. Was it studio rooms or flats when you lived there? As an aside, you might be interested in reading this astounding thread of tweets by Felix about his Dad Erich https://twitter.com/BarristerNZ/status/826352026506256384

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