New named flats in 2010

I was in Dunedin for the weekend and came across a few new flats: Howe the Fuck (Howe St), The Tool Box (Howe St), The Changing Rooms (Leith St), The Art Gallery (Leith St), Puzzle5 (Castle St), and Away in a Granger (Grange St.

The Art Gallery and The Tool Box were the two of most interest. The Art Gallery provides a wonderfully painterly portrait of the University Clock tower with a disjointed harbour view floating above it. The painting covers the door and two lower glass side panels in the door frame.

The Tool Box has a comfortably designed feel about it, like a Macs beer label. The font and ornaments (hammer and wrench) was formed using masking tape and then sprayed over with black paint. I discovered this while standing on the footpath and having a yarn over the fence with one of the lads from the flat who was reclined on his couch, the bench behind him swathed in empties from the nigh before.

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