Inaugural Episto Tweet conference #twecon

On Friday 3 December 2010, 2 days after delivering the paper in person at LIANZA 2010, I took part in the wonderful inaugural #twecon, organised by @HORansome (Matthew Dentith). He has archived the entire experience on his blog.

All of the papers were interesting, challenging and thought provoking, just as all good conferences are. I was amazed at the quality of information passed on in six short tweets. It was quite an exercise to ensure each tweet was a pure distillation of a concept.

Here’s my contribution:

1 “Hanging out : preserving an ephemeral print culture in Dunedin”. Signs made to mark student habitation #twecon

2 In the 1930s flatting was a no-no. Options for ‘digs’ were few: stay home, live in Halls or board. #twecon

3 Liberal divinities students set up the first flat, The Bach, on Leith St. It existed for nearly 10 yrs. #twecon

4 Naming is about creating community in a unique campus environment. Facebook provided a space to connect #twecon

5 Creating of a sense of place and identity by naming a flat can have a lasting effect – creating an icon #twecon

6 Some names endure, some are ephemeral. Hyde Street has a high turnover. They are all worth preserving #twecon

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