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    it’s 483 leith st, not 48. the “3” had come off the letterbox but trace mark was still there. it has 3 flats from 0 to 2. i lived in flat 2 at the far back in 2012 and had put the “3” back on by writing it on a piece of paper and packing taped it on letterbox, as my visitors were not able to find it. it may have got taken down once again, depends on when this photo was taken. the sign on the window of the front flat, flat 0, was not there then. it was very noisy almost every day and night. music was on extremely loud from that international flat cross the st and students next to my flat. it was dark at nights on the street. it was extremely cold and heaps of bugs came in, at least hundreds of them, including spiders in bed and on desk. it was very small and layout was very strange, as it was an extension being built to make more money out of it. but then there are plenty of such flats in and outside of the campus. the different colours and the numbers of flats’ doors (flat 1 then had a back door at the back and three doors in front: front, and outside door for the outside room) confused people . an elderly neighbour was nice, she then has been living there for years and may still live there.

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