1. Jean Hamilton (nee Robertson) BA

    I was in this flat at the very end of Cumberland St in the 1970’s. It was then called “The Bay of Pigs”, we presumed it was so named about the time of the Cuba missile crisis when the CIA sailed into The Bay of Pigs to invade Cuba back in the USSR/JFK days (1960’s). However it could have been some political studies/history students showing off or someone’s apt description of the flat’s tenants, contents or state of disrepair. My Dad always called it a pigsty when he visited from the home farm with meat or firewood but I doubt if he knew what the name meant. The flat was due for demolition so the landlord let five of us have it for $8 a week each as it could be pulled down at short notice to build motels. I slept in the front room where all the truckies coming down the new one-way system would accelerate into the night. I can’t believe it is still there! I hope the present tenants let me visit one day even though it’s changed its name. JEAN

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