1. John Ryder

    Flatted here in 1967. It needed a coat of paint then – it still does. One of the flatmates (Clive) sold a racing tip sheet and pad his way through medical school by betting on horses (he was better at it than most). He now runs a clinic for compulsive gamblers in Sydney.
    The flat had no name then; it could do with a name change now (how about “Tralfamadore”. If you don’t know where this is, just ask Mr Google)

      • John Ryder

        Yeah – lived in “The Black Box” at 898 Cumberland Street. A flatmate had lived at “Ye Brewer’s Elbow” and made a hanging sign. Forgotten most of the named flats – not many had names. Parties at “The Shambles”. (Mind is a blank – Emerson’s had just started in Dunedin North – maybe it is responsible)

      • John Ryder

        Hi Sarah. I lived at 898 Cumberland Street in 1968. No flat sign. I was still an OU student in 1969, the 100th year of the University, but was then in Wellington and so missed out in centenary celebrations. Any celebrations scheduled for 2019 (150 years)?

  2. Jo Shroff

    Lived at Ye Brewers Elbow in Castle St and at Black box in Cumberland St Dn. Both great flats 60’s.

  3. flatnames

    Woops just been reminded of the Box Box details above. The Scarfie Flats book which will be out in January is making a feature of Ye Brewer’s Elbow, do you have any memories of the place and how it got its name?

  4. Jo (Owen) Shroff

    Was at Ye Brewers Elbow 1967/68. My two rooms (luxury) had gold curtains.”The room is gold the pleasure priceless” was the refrain like the Benson & Hedges advt.

    • Jo shroff

      A truly great flat. best digs. Had a false door in the back of a wardrobe situated in the octagonal lounge. Could step into the wardrobe and then step through into the nextdoor flat. Ye Brewers Elbow in my memory forever, a wonderful time to be alive. Flat mate, Maori fella by the name of Errol Raumati, med student. A truly lovely bloke, good friend. Became a GP somewhere in NZ. Hello Errol, hope you are alive and well.

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