Beehive 615 Castle Street

Beehive 615 Castle Street
615 Castle Street "Naming a flat is a lot of fun, people know here you live! Currently I live at the Beehive a notorious flat in the heart of Castle Street. People know the flat because of it's name and I am proud to be a member of it. I would hope that the Beehive name will be passed on for many years to come. It is a lovely scarfie flat, has a lot of heart and has hosted some outrageous parties over the years." [Harry Urquhart-Hay] “Lived in that shitbox Y2002. Housing inspectors found the wasn't 'earthed'. Lucky it was so dank, otherwise it would have gone up like a tinderbox. Big Mike, GG, Dave, Ferret and myself managed to cultivate a lone mushroom in the filth on the bathroom surface - hope subsequent tenants took good care of him.” [Duncan Blomfield] “Just went by last night and the sign was down!!!!! what the fuck ay! So I went in and blasted them with abuse. They said they would put it up again ... otherwise I vote that we take action.” [Connor Archbold]


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