Brucie’s Beenjamin’ Butchery 15 Ethel Benjamin Place

Bruci's Beenjamin' Butchery 15 Ethel Benjamin Place
“It was originally a butchers shop. My room was the one here with the biggest window - I'm sure where the butcher used to display all the meat! Yummy! ... and Bruce was/is the name of the landlord. I moved out after one year of living there (1997), but all my flatties stayed on for another year or two and they made this sign in 1998. The name mixes the landlord's name, the name of the street, and the fact that it was a butcher's. I think they had a moment of genius one night when on the drinks! :)” [Sarah Kaye Wilson] Regarding the 96ZM stickers. “This is the sticker that had to be visible to enter their 'Name Your Flat' competition ... “ [Brad Eales]

Brucie's Beenjamin' Butchery

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