Howelloween on Howe Street

2018 Howelloween


Pussy Planet on George Street

Not far from the 24 hour dairy on George Street is Pussy Planet, a large two storey weatherboard house converted to a 7 bed flat. It’s had the name for many years, but this years residents made what may be it’s first sign.


Pussy Planet (2016) by Aleisha Ruske. Used with permission

Aleisha Ruske recalls how they learned their flat had a name, “There had been a garden gnome left there from the 2015 tenants with the name written on it. The group of girls I live with all went to Selwyn College last year, and our mascot is a gnome and all residents have one in our bedrooms so we got curious. There was also a boys name written on the inside and we found him on Facebook and discovered he’d been a Selwynite too — it’s a Selwyn tradition to “liberate” gnomes from other peoples gardens which is where this particular gnome must have come from. I’ve repainted it in Selwyn colours too and we plan on leaving it there for the next tenants.”

“We thought it was pretty cool we’d signed a named flat, but we thought it was sad it didn’t have a sign, so we made a one before class started. It’s pretty girly, but we are quite fond of it. We also thought a named flat had to have a bit more tradition to it, so we decided to host a flat ball — ‘The Pussy Planet Prom’ — and we hope next years tenants also keep that going too.”