Chatting about named flats at Dunedin Writers & Readers Festival

Councillor Aaron Hawkins will be asking Sarah and Ian some probing questions about flats they have known as well as some of the deeper issues that have cropped up in researching Scarfie Flats of Dunedin.

This is a free event at the Dunedin Writers and Readers Festival, so come along to Hanover Hall for 1-2pm on Saturday 11 May. University Bookshop will be there for book sales.

Here we all are at the book launch at the Staff Club on 21 February – thanks to Steve Gallagher for the photo!

Scarfie Flats is part of The Great Map of New Zealand Stories

If you’ve ever visited a place you’ve previously read about in a book then you’ll know that it adds a special something to your experience of the physical space – much like reading about a place after having visited it causes you to recall you impressions and experience of being there.

Mapping places mentioned in books is, in fact, a thing, and The Great Map of New Zealand Stories is doing it here. So if you’re interested in reading about a particular area, check out the map, zoom in and connect with a story in a book which will give you an insight into that place. The addresses for each of the main stories from Scarfie Flats in Dunedin has been mapped in The Great Map of New Zealand Stories.

Upcoming event at Dunedin Writers & Readers Festival

We’re so fortunate in Dunedin to have a stunning literary culture, which is celebrated through our status as a UNESCO City of Literature, and celebrations like the Dunedin Writers & Readers Festival.

On Saturday 11 May, 1-2pm, Ian Chapman and I will be discussing Scarfie Flats of Dunedin with the wonderful Aaron Hawkins who wrote a stunning chapter in the book.

Scarfie Flats is a free event.