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Hobbit, 575 Cumberland Street #flatnames

Hobbit 575 Cumberland Street (1973)

“Hobbit” flat. Built 1901, demolished 1970s. DCC Archives, City Engineers Album – Cumberland/Castle Street Deviation, 1973

575 Cumberland Street doesn’t exist anymore, it was demolished in the 1970s when Castle and Cumberland Streets were deviated to their current course. Below you can see photos of a couple of hand drawn maps. The first, a detail, shows 575 Cumberland highlighted in green. Compare the larger hand drawn map (note the green on this larger map is NOT 575!) with the image from the DCC Webmap. You should be able to see the site of 575 Cumberland Street two sections south of 58 Albany Street.

Many thanks to the DCC Archives for providing these images.


Do you remember the 1970s in Dunedin?

Do you remember or have any detail about these flats, or others from this period?

Gilgamesh (Castle St), Nightmare Abbey (Castle Street), Hobbit’s Hovel, The Bay of Pigs (Cumberland St), Convention Centrewhich (Cumberland St), Toad Hall (Pitt or Cumberland St), Mustart Mansion, Ratvia, Slagg Heep (158 Dundas Street), Toad Works , Acropolis (Clyde Street), The Spanish Slum (16-18 London St)

Do you remember the 1970s in Dunedin?