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Radio article about a new 5 star rating systems for student flats

Student Flats (Audio – duration: 6′48″) Radio NZ “Afternoons” 22.06.09
The days of Scarfies freezing through the Dunedin winter could be on the way out, with the introduction of a”five star rating”system for student flats.

Student flat conditions monitored through a proposed rating system

Five star rating proposed for Dunedin student flats (Audio – duration: 4′32″) Radio NZ – 22.06.09
The days of grotty student accommodation in Dunedin could be numbered, thanks to a new ratings system being considered by the City Council and Otago University and Polytech.

Student Accomodation (Audio – duration: 4′10″) Radio NZ – 28.03.09

Otago students say they’re paying higher rents despite the poor condition of their flats.


The intention is to enable students to make more informed choices about student housing, and to provide landlords with an incentive to upgrade the aesthetics and environmental standards of their properties.

Tertiary Plan Update / DCC – 22.06.09