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Need to tidy student ‘ghetto’ / ODT

I sincerely hope that any moves to tidy the ghetto are weighed in favour of preservation of the Victorian and Edwardian homes, and particularly the precarious and debilitated workers houses in Hyde and Grange Street areas.

In her thesis, Authentic scarfie flats : perceptions of student housing and cultural heritage in North Dunedin Amy Spurdle discusses the need to ensure the balance of Victorian and Edwardian homes is carefully monitored to preserve the character value of the North Dunedin area.

The character and environment of North Dunedin has a strong influence on prospective students coming to Dunedin.

Need to tidy student ‘ghetto’ / ODT

Masterplan looks to preserve cultural and historical aspects of campus life

” 3.7 Memory: One of the characteristics of place that technology has
not yet been able to replicate or replace is the ability of
buildings, public spaces and landscapes to be the repository
of memory. The memories of student days that were
recounted during the consultation process were intimately
connected to the experience of the buildings and place and
to certain conditions of light and weather. Events, triumphs
and tragedies of past staff and Alumni are all capable of
being embedded in the place marked by art memorials,
exhibits, landscapes and architecture. The Master Plan
responds to this characteristic of place as carrier of
memory or mnemonic place with three specific proposals.
The concept should ideally be extended across the whole
campus, as a way of enabling the place to communicate
core values, knowledge and memories.” The Dunedin Master Plan Frameworks p.61

“3.12 Residential : It is also recommended that a long-term residential strategy
be considered by the University, that allows for an increase
in the number of second and later year undergraduates
returning to colleges and for the admission of first year
Dunedin residents, as reinforcement of the ‘student
experience’ that forms part of the University’s competitive
advantage.” The Dunedin Master Plan Frameworks p.68

Over $1-billion of spending proposed for Otago’s campuses


Over $1-billion of spending proposed for Otago’s campuses
Radio NZ 17 May 2010 18:42.

“The University of Otago should spend a billion dollars over the next twenty five years to create a world class campus to replace deteriorating buildings, ghetto student housing and bleak windswept open spaces.”

University of Otago Campus Master Plan

“The University of Otago has been continuously evolving since the 1870s, which saw the construction of its first purpose-built buildings on the Dunedin site. Two major plans, completed in 1972 and 1980, have guided the growth of the Dunedin Campus over the last the last three decades. However, much has changed at the University in this time and an updated campus master plan is now urgently required.”

This is due to be published soon.

University of Otago Campus Master Plan