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Web 2.0 and its influence on this project

Thanks to Flickr and more so, Facebook, this project has become a possbility.

When my two colleagues and I were working on our assignment for the print culture exhibition pitch back in 2000/2001, there was a lot of discussion about how to present this as an exhibiton to the public. I was keen to have a web based database for both promotional and information gathering purposes as a component of the exhibition.

I recently came across an email I’d written to my colleagues about this. We’d decided against the web based element because the general public had limited access at the time.

“The web thing immediately sprang to mind, I guess because it’s a fun media to work with, but for the public it’s not that accessible and they’re really our audience.” Email 15 February 2001, 8.46am.

Technology has moved on fast! I set up the groups on Flickr and  Facebook in November 2007.