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Three new flats

The Ski Lodge (Warrender St), Tipsy Tiger (North Road) and Permafrost Cottage (Pentland St).

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The student and the landlady / University of Otago Capping Book 1947, p21

The Student and the Landlady were sitting by the fire,

The Student wept like anything to feel starvation dire.

“If I don’t get a feed,” he said, “I really shall expire.”

“Seven deaths in seven months will ruin me,” she cried.

“You wouldn’t care,” the Student said, “if I lay down and died.”

“What nonsense!” said the Landlady, “do you think I’ve got no pride?”

The Student and the Landlady are bitter foes you know;

The Student wept like anything because she bade him go.

“How cruel it is, ” the Student said, “to deal me such a blow.

Seven shifts in seven weeks I really can’t afford;

But pack my books and shirts and things I’ll go and hire a Ford –

“I doubt it,” said the Landlady, “unless you pay your board.”

In the habit of students / ODT 27.02.10

An article in the weekend magazine giving a brief view of the history of some student traditions that have come, gone, and some of those that remain. There’s a lot not mentioned … things that have been banned, like the Knox howl. And there are also traditions not so commonly recognised, like naming flats. This is unique to Dunedin, it’s pretty special.

In the habit of students / ODT 27.02.10

The Scarfies Flat – 49 Brown Street

It’s commonly known as “The Scarfie’s flat”, although it doesn’t have a sign. 49 Brown Street is best known for it’s role playing a strong, silent, sinister character in the 1999 Sarkies brothers’ film, Scarfies. It can be found stolidly anchored in dilapidated grandeur, glowering over the city of Dunedin from Cannongate.

The house had a group page on Facebook which unfortunately seems to have been taken down. It was frequented by past residence and there were several mentions of hauntings which was interesting.

Below, is a photo of a graffito of the house itself on the wall which supports the Cannongate Steps. Source.