Bordello 36 Clyde Street

Bordello 36 Clyde Street
"The Bordello has only been in existence for 7 or 8 years, but I'd like to think it would hang around. It was previously called Loch Ness but I'm not sure what happened to that name - it didn't have one when we moved in. I wonder if renaming a flat is like renaming a boat...” [Jamie Bell] “[The name] fitted with the kind of lifestyle five young guys in the heart of Dunedin wanted to live, also one flatmate had an obsession with Tales from the Crypt (see Bordello of Blood). [Jamie Bell]


One comment

  1. owakalodgemotel

    It was already named Bordello when I moved in in 2003. I was in the back right room, which had a convenient slope in the floor to rapidly collect any dropped tennis balls or spilt beer in the corner away from my bed.

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