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Creating more space

A couple of weeks ago I heard a rumour the Ori (Oriental Tavern) had been bought by the University. “NO”, I implored, slightly scandalised, “surely not. They’ve only just bought the Gardies”.

As the campus expands more room is required and buying up buildings for sale for the purpose, or investment is a sensible idea. The Bowler and The Gardies have been purchased in the last 13 months; establishments that were favoured watering holes of scarfies past and present. The fact that they are being bought up performs a dual purpose – much needed space for the expansion of campus, and a possible quieting of the local drinking culture. I imagine scarfies will be either doing more drinking at home or moving into the CBD.

Need to tidy student ‘ghetto’ / ODT

I sincerely hope that any moves to tidy the ghetto are weighed in favour of preservation of the Victorian and Edwardian homes, and particularly the precarious and debilitated workers houses in Hyde and Grange Street areas.

In her thesis, Authentic scarfie flats : perceptions of student housing and cultural heritage in North Dunedin Amy Spurdle discusses the need to ensure the balance of Victorian and Edwardian homes is carefully monitored to preserve the character value of the North Dunedin area.

The character and environment of North Dunedin has a strong influence on prospective students coming to Dunedin.

Need to tidy student ‘ghetto’ / ODT

Over $1-billion of spending proposed for Otago’s campuses

Over $1-billion of spending proposed for Otago’s campuses
Radio NZ 17 May 2010 18:42.

“The University of Otago should spend a billion dollars over the next twenty five years to create a world class campus to replace deteriorating buildings, ghetto student housing and bleak windswept open spaces.”